About Me

My Background

I grew up in a small real town  in Michigan, nothing exciting but very 'Basic". Because my family didnt have a great deal of money, we didn't have to opportunity to travel or go on vacations. Most of the people I grew up with that were fortunate to go on vacations always went to Florida for the warmth. Even back then, I knew there wa a whole world out there to explore and cultures to experience  so  graduating from  High School so I could go off to the Military ( Marine Corps) to see the world could come fast enough 

How I Got Started

I was bit by the travel bug even more after traveling to Asia, and Central America while in the Marine Corps. 

After 8 years I returned to civilian life with a goal to visit  at least one country a year. This  started an addiction like focus that took me to some very special and unique off-the beaten -path -destinations 

Top Destinations

My favorite places to visit so far has been in Asia .

The sights, food , culture and the energy that different parts of Asia, is hard to beat in my mind.